Bernay Studio Singers Go Gondwana In The Summer Of 2024 – Charlotte O’Hara

Feb 7, 2024 | News

Here’s what Bernay students have to say about the wonderful time they spent in Sydney this past summer

Charlotte O’Hara

What inspired you to audition for Gondwana’s national choir, and how did you feel when you found out you were selected?
The fact it was a very prestigious choir and I wanted to give it my best go to extend my music knowledge, experience and capability. I felt very happy – and proud that my musical efforts had paid off and thankful to Laura for her amazing teaching knowledge and skills. I was excited about the Sydney workshops.

Can you share a memorable moment or performance from the summer program that stands out to you?
Performing as a collective with all the choirs together at the Sydney Cons of Music was an amazing, spine tingle experience to be part of something so special and bigger than myself. The talent I was surrounded by was inspiring to me – I felt like I had truly found my tribe.

How did being part of Gondwana’s national choir enhance your singing skills and musical knowledge?
Working with other people I can relate to was very inspiring – to meet other talented singers. I felt like I had found my tribe and my place with other like minded people. It made me feel like extending my skills and reaching future goals.

Describe the camaraderie and teamwork within the choir. How did working with other talented young singers influence your musical growth?
It was really fun to sing with singers who were around my level because we could all learn from each other as well as sing together in a smaller group.

Were there any challenges you faced during the summer program, and how did you overcome them?
It was very hot – I stayed in the shade and found other places to practice.

In what ways do you think this experience with Gondwana’s national choir will impact your future involvement in music or singing?
As I felt I had found my tribe and was surrounded by so many talented singers – it made me feel like sticking at this, improving my skills and aiming for the performing choirs. Music is where I want to be.

Laura Bernay
Charlotte O’Hara – right with red top