Bernay Studio Singers Go Gondwana In The Summer Of 2024 – Ethan Koekemoer

Feb 20, 2024 | News

Here’s what Bernay students have to say about the wonderful time they spent in Sydney this past summer

Ethan Koekemoer

What inspired you to audition for Gondwana’s national choir, and how did you feel when you found out you were selected?
I was inspired to audition for Gondwana when I saw many promotional videos my mum was showing me last year. They seemed very interesting and for a national choir as big as this. I knew I had to audition. When I received the good news that I was selected, I was thrilled and couldn’t wait for the day when I flew to Sydney.

Can you share a memorable moment or performance from the summer program that stands out to you?
My most memorable performance was when I was asked to perform at the in-house concert, singing at playing the piano Goodbye yellow brick road by Elton John. I was picked after a serious auditions only for two people to get in from my choir.

How did being part of Gondwana’s national choir enhance your singing skills and musical knowledge?
Being part of Gondwana’s national choir has definitely enhanced my sight-singing skills. It has given me the better ability to read and interpret musical notation on the spot. This skill is fundamental for understanding and performing music accurately.

Describe the camaraderie and teamwork within the choir. How did working with other talented young singers influence your musical growth?
The camaraderie and teamwork within the choir was remarkable as it was truly evident when we were singing the combined pieces by Felix Riebl. Our shared passion for music and the satisfaction and creating beautiful melodies together, helped to contribute to the uplifting and unique singing pieces at Verbrugghen Hall in Sydney.

Were there any challenges you faced during the summer program, and how did you overcome them?
I did not have any.

In what ways do you think this experience with Gondwana’s national choir will impact your future involvement in music or singing?
Having been in Gondwana’s national choir, it has positively impacted my involvement by improving my vocal skills, fostering a sense of teamwork and providing me with valuable musical training from outstanding musical conductors. It has given me a well-rounded musical foundation by enhancing my pitch accuracy, rhythm, and harmonisation abilities.

Laura Bernay
Ethan Koekemoer (4th from left)