Completing My Dream Day

Jul 14, 2021 | Testimonials

“About 2 weeks before my wedding I had a thought that to complete my dream day, I’d need to act on my life-long desire to sing at my own wedding. I have no training nor have ever performed, all I had is a lifetime of subjecting family and friends to my incessant singing of Broadway Musicals and a joy of singing.
Enter Laura, who I reached out to in search of someone who could help me realise this goal to sing for pure joy and fun at the event of my life. Laura was incredibly helpful at pitching the lessons to suit my ability and polish a song I’d always wanted to sing. She was focused on my goal and the intention behind the lessons, and incredibly helpful in orchestrating the performance to be as special and as meaningful as possible. She encouraged me to lose the backing track and instead get my husband to accompany me on his guitar. Her coaching was fantastic, and she clearly has a wealth of experience and skills in teaching singing, which I wouldn’t hesitate to explore in a more serious way now that the wedding is over.

I am proud to say that with Laura’s help I realised my dream and my husband I performed for the very first time together at our magnificent wedding of 200 guests. We got a standing ovation and I know none of this would be possible if I had not had some singing classes with Laura prior.”


Olive Monte-Cheng