Helping Me Feel Comfortable

Dec 21, 2022 | Testimonials

I am by no means a professional singer and have never studied music, at school or university. I decided to start vocal lessons with Laura to build confidence and learn a bit more about music. I was terrified for our first lesson, but Laura’s gentle and warm approach helped me feel comfortable very quickly. It can be so daunting to start up singing later in life – a good voice seems like something a person is born with – but Laura taught me that with practice and a bit of confidence, anyone can improve their singing. I went from feeling shy and restricted to a few easy songs, to working on musical theatre and belting, in only a few months.

I am so grateful for everything Laura has taught me over such a short period of time. With her guidance, I was able to sing in front of a few hundred people at a community band performance, a memory I will always treasure. Thank you so much Laura for your encouragement and patience!