Love for a Beautiful Art Form

Apr 21, 2016 | Testimonials

“My name is Magda, and I have been singing since the age of 9. My love for this beautiful art form blossomed and at the conclusion of 2009 I decided to study WACE (Western Australian Certificate of Education) Music. As my instrument I chose voice. I took lessons with Laura from the end of 2009. She nurtured my voice and her thorough knowledge of the curriculum council requirements in Years 11&12 was a strong factor. Laura prepared me exquisitely for all my vocal examinations. As a result I received top marks in performance. Laura’s skills in languages-French, Italian, German, Spanish, Finnish, and Latin etc, her passion and hard work as well as the friendship we have formed have encouraged me to pursue a career in this beautiful art form. In 2012 I successfully auditioned for WAAPA Classical Voice and graduated in 2016.”

Magda Lisek