Fulfilling for My Daughter

Apr 11, 2016 | Testimonials

What a pleasure it is to express how fulfilling and satisfying my daughter has found her music tuition with Laura Bernay. She has been learning voice with Laura for four years and flute for two years. I can honestly say that these lessons are one of the most enjoyable parts of both or our days each week. Laura shows an obvious delight in her teaching and her approach with children is admirable to watch. She is passionate about her work and very articulate with her attention to detail, showing compassion, flexibility and a wonderful sense of humour.

My daughter has blossomed over these years and her musicality has improved tremendously with the challenges, encouragement and guidance Laura gives her, not just in her voice and instrument, but also in performing, languages and actually understanding the music she is learning. Laura extends her in all facets of music and it is clear that she is an expert in her field and a worldly individual with great knowledge of the Arts. Laura’s superb competency is second to none and I am fully aware that we are privileged to have found her.

I recall once saying to my daughter I wish I could give to you now – all the knowledge I have acquired over my lifetime. Laura achieves this lesson by lesson, with the wealth of musical knowledge and abundance of performance professionalism she transpires. I know she is the best of the best and there is no better custodian in whom to entrust my daughter’s musical future.
Denise Worthington