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I am a singer, flautist and pianist and have lived for music all my life. I have had an extremely varied career spanning many facets of the entertainment industry. I grew up in the U.S.A. on the east coast in a musical family and learned to sing just about every style of music I heard from jazz, country, folk, and blues to classical, cabaret and music theatre.

Wonderful singing involves not just great vocal technique, but also competent acting, captivating stage presence, and performance skills as well. With all my experience and enthusiasm I can help you to explore and unlock the secret to bringing the best you to auditions and the stage… or simply for the sheer joy!

In addition to performing, I have a passion for teaching singing. In my private studio I offer private one-on-one instruction for juniors, adolescents and adults, as well as online lessons.

Singing Lessons

In addition to performing, I have a passion for teaching singing. In my private studio I offer private one-on-one instruction for juniors, adolescents and adults, as well as online lessons (in case of sickness).

I taught private singing students both classical and music theatre in Diploma and Bachelor of Music for the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) for 10 years from 2012-2021.

Many of my students are enjoying successful careers both in Australia and internationally. Testimonials from my students. 

Whether your goals are preparation for a possible career in music, auditions to major institutions, preparing for high school exams, music scholarships, or simply personal enrichment, learning to sing with ease and agility is a multi-faceted activity that develops not only your instrument, but also helps develop your self-esteem.

Laura Bernay
Laura Bernay
Laura Bernay
Laura Bernay
Laura Bernay


I have had the pleasure to sing with Laura Bernay this year whilst studying the Diploma of Music Theatre at WAAPA, and there is such a warmth and openness to her that brings across her love of performance and her dedication to spreading that love to those around her.

Our work together this year has pushed my vocal abilities further than I ever thought possible and has strengthened the classical technique of my voice with exercises and skills that I will keep with me for the rest of my life. Her involvement and qualifications combine to create the most incredible teaching dynamic, full of technique, emotion and skill. It was always a highlight of my week to know I had a lesson with Laura coming up, and she truly brought back my passion for singing. Laura turned singing back into a joyful experience and one that I can now enjoy again.

I have Laura to thank for bringing back my confidence in my voice, and I know that it is because of her help that my journey at WAAPA is continuing. I have been accepted into the Bachelor of Music Theatre which has always been my dream. Laura is a pleasure and is always caring about her students and their wellbeing. Thank you always Laura.

Isabella Rath

Graduate Diploma Music Theatre 2023
Bachelor of Music Theatre 2024-2026

I moved to Perth from Hobart in 2020 to study the Diploma of Musical Theatre at WAAPA. Shortly after the move, I began the task of looking for a singing teacher to help further my training. When I contacted Laura I was instantly blown away by her professionalism, high standards, and warmth.

Over my twelve months with Laura, I have come to see her as not only a strong technician but as somebody who I can trust and will always have my back. Laura’s knowledge spans a wide range of musical genres, languages, and vocal styles and techniques. I believe her utilisation of many techniques to achieve the best outcomes for her students is a unique and effective teaching quality. With Laura by my side, my vocals and acting through song have improved the most in twelve months than they ever have. I believe this was because I was always pushed out of my comfort zone and carefully guided to discover new ways to use my voice.

A goal we set together at the beginning of the year was for me to gain admission into a musical theatre bachelor program for 2022. This drove many of our lessons and Laura worked tirelessly to help me find the “perfect” auditions songs and workshop them to a high standard. As a result, I received callbacks for all of my music theatre auditions and gained entry into both The Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University’s Bachelor of Music Theatre and a Bachelor of Music Theatre at Elder Conservatorium.  I have chosen to accept my offer from Griffith.

Henry Rheinberger

Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate WAAPA 2021
Griffith University Bachelor of Music Theatre 2022-2024

I first met Laura just after I’d left high school when I studied a Certificate II in musical theatre at WAAPA, the kindness, professionalism, and assistance she gave me in developing my skills and abilities during the course was amazing. I then worked in the hospitality industry and had a break from my vocal training for several years.

Over the past year (2021) I had the time and ability to devote myself fully to studying again. Thanks to Laura’s help and support I have been able to learn a broad range of classical repertoire this year; from Italian and Spanish to French and German. This culminated in successfully applying and enrolling in a Bachelor of Music at UWA starting 2022. Laura is a genuine, caring, and supportive teacher with a good sense of humour, whose patience and compassion with me has made my time spent with her unforgettable. Wherever I go or whatever I do within the music industry, it’s nice to know that I was lucky enough to get a “Twice in a lifetime” opportunity.

Glen Bain

Certificate II in Musical Theatre (2013)
Bachelor Of Music UWA (2022-2024)

Before studying with Laura I had been singing since an early age. I was originally trained in Classical Voice and soon realised that I had a love for Musical Theatre. I knew this was the direction I wanted to go. I needed a Musical Theatre voice specialist and someone with a wide background of knowledge and experience in different styles. I found Laura. The work we have done together has resulted in significant development of my voice and me as a performer. We have worked on so many different things, but more importantly, getting me out of my comfort zone. Laura allowed me to discover so many new territories and areas within my voice that I had not previously drawn on.

Laura and I connected right away and her belief, care, and professionalism have been continuous. I have just completed year 12 and my end goal was always to be accepted into WAAPA. Through 2020 & 2021 with Laura’s teaching we have been working towards my audition for various universities. I am so excited to have successfully auditioned and been offered a place in the Bachelor of Arts (Musical Theatre) at WAAPA for 2022. I am so thankful that I had the opportunity to learn and grow with Laura, I feel I have a friend and mentor for life.

Harrison Ion

WAAPA Bachelor of Music Theatre 2022-2024

I began training with Laura when I moved to Perth to study a Diploma of Music Theatre at WAAPA at the beginning of 2019. Throughout the year Laura gave me confidence to tackle genuinely challenging songs and to explore my voice’s range and capability.

Laura nurtured and pushed me into achieving things I didn’t know were possible. I considered I was an alto before I started training with Laura-but oh how wrong I was. I was amazed to see how much I could improve in just one year. Laura’s training was undoubtedly integral into my successful music theatre Bachelor auditions. I was accepted in both courses at the VCA and also WAAPA. I have chosen to go to WAAPA again next year. Thank you so much Laura, for being a teacher and a friend.

Maddy Betts

2019 Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate WAAPA
Bachelor of Music Theatre 2020-22 WAAPA

I started studying with Laura at the age of 15, I was so eager and ready to learn and grow.
She took me in and refined and strengthened my voice, she showed me new areas of my voice I was never comfortable to sing in and she allowed me to discover the vast capabilities of the voice! Not only that, but Laura became a friend to me, her compassion and love for her students truly comes through in her teaching, I was so thankful to have her year after year, and to be able to stretch myself to new levels, knowing that I was in a safe and fun environment.

Throughout year 12 in 2017 we prepared for my first WAAPA audition, her vast knowledge allowed us to prepare with great strength, and at the end of that year I successfully auditioned and was accepted into the fantastic New Diploma of Musical Theatre course!
Throughout 2018 Laura and I worked together for my most successful year yet. I auditioned again at the end of the year for the Bachelor of Music Theatre course. To my great joy I was accepted!!! Laura and I talked that evening with such excitement and joy, it was wonderful to have someone so invested in my journey, and someone that I know truly helped me get there! Thanks to Laura I can say that “dreams really do come true”! Thanks so much Laura, you’re the best!

Amber Scates

WAAPA Diploma Music Theatre Graduate 2018
WAAPA Bachelor Music Theatre 2019-2021

About 2 weeks before my wedding I had a thought that to complete my dream day, I’d need to act on my life-long desire to sing at my own wedding. I have no training nor have ever performed, all I had is a lifetime of subjecting family and friends to my incessant singing of Broadway Musicals and a joy of singing.

Laura, who I reached out to in search of someone who could help me realise this goal to sing for pure joy and fun at the event of my life. Laura was incredibly helpful at pitching the lessons to suit my ability and polish a song I’d always wanted to sing. She was focused on my goal and the intention behind the lessons, and incredibly helpful in orchestrating the performance to be as special and as meaningful as possible. She encouraged me to lose the backing track and instead get my husband to accompany me on his guitar. Her coaching was fantastic, and she clearly has a wealth of experience and skills in teaching singing, which I wouldn’t hesitate to explore in a more serious way now that the wedding is over.

I am proud to say that with Laura’s help I realised my dream and my husband I performed for the very first time together at our magnificent wedding of 200 guests. We got a standing ovation and I know none of this would be possible if I had not had some singing classes with Laura prior.

Olive Monte-Cheng


If you’re looking for great quality singing lessons and you want to have fun at the same time then look no further, Laura is the one! Singing out loud without holding back, for people to hear me, has been my deepest wish and at the same time my biggest fear for a long time.

Recently I finally decided to take the leap and booked my first singing lesson with Laura. I am so glad I did! I was nervous all the way through the first few lessons, but it was nonetheless exciting and empowering.

Working on your voice with Laura is so pleasant and easy-going that after a few lessons we noticed I was not nervous anymore. Already after 2 or 3 lessons my friends noticed a difference in my singing voice and complimented me on that, compliments that are of course meant for Laura as well. With her lovely personality she guides you skilfully through the singing techniques with care and kindness. Her presence and lessons are always uplifting and motivating. In one word, joy!

Diana Van der Harst

Artist and Writer

Laura Bernay

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