Growing Up Under Laura’s Tutelage

Jan 29, 2018 | Testimonials

“Laura is amazing.  There is no better way of describing the wonderful vocal teacher I had since I was six years old until last year!  In those past 16 years, I have gone from being an untrained little girl with a big set of lungs to being accepted for a place in the UWA Conservatorium of Music this year.  I cannot thank Laura enough for the wonderful years of skilled and patient training, the extensive knowledge imparted, the passion for music and all things pertaining to the voice that she has shared with me!  Of all the things I have in the world, of all the things that give me pleasure and joy, of all the things I value the most, my voice is to me the most precious.  Thank you, Laura, for giving me this happiness.”

Claire Lane
(UWA Conservatorium of Music 2018-2021)