Inspiring Me to Pursue Singing

Jan 12, 2021 | Testimonials

“I began singing with Laura five years ago in 2015. During this time, Laura has helped me to finesse and develop areas of my voice which were less refined and extend aspects of my performance which were stronger. Whilst I do not plan to audition for any singing courses at university next year, learning with Laura has imbued a love of music and inspired me to pursue my singing in the future. Laura is not only an outstanding singer, musician and teacher, but also, an inspiring woman, role model and friend. She is incredibly kind, patient and encouraging and goes above and beyond for every student. During my lessons we would work on the music for  productions that I was cast in, along with exam and performance preparation. Laura was always extremely knowledgeable and was able to support me in all of my endeavours regardless of genre or context.  I feel eminently fortunate and grateful to have learnt from Laura. I will remember what she has taught me as both a musician and person for many years to come. “

Tahlia Hanikeri
Year 12 Graduate PLC, December 2020