Instilling Confidence

Apr 21, 2016 | Testimonials

“My 19 yr old son, Ben, (2016 successful candidate for WAAPA Bachelor of Music in Classical Voice) attended singing lessons with Laura Bernay for 6 years.

After attending Gondwana National Choral School in 2010, Ben was keen for formal voice training. He was initially nervous but Laura was easily able to engage him in the lessons, putting him at ease and instilling him with confidence in his singing ability.

Together they have improved his breathing technique and voice production while exploring a range of repertoire. Ben has learned to love styles of music that he would never previously have considered. Laura has helped him work with and enjoy his changing voice and taught him to use computer tools to alter accompaniments to suit his changing pitch.

Laura has provided Ben with opportunities to challenge himself musically, including performances at a master class and in Eisteddfods. She encouraged him to observe her older students, giving him a sense of direction and future possibilities. With Laura’s mentoring Ben became more focused on his desire to pursue his musical interests and his confidence has increased in all areas of life.

Most importantly, Ben loved his singing lessons. He enjoyed Laura’s company and with her, he strived for his best. Given a choice he would have given up all his extracurricular activities before he’d stop his singing lessons.”

Genevieve (mother of Ben)
Ben Jobson WAAPA Classical Voice 2015-2016
Contemporary Voice 2017