Leading My Daughter Towards Her Next Milestone

Dec 31, 2020 | Testimonials

“My daughter began singing lessons with Laura Bernay at age 7 and has now been learning singing for 5 years. We are now moving inter-state. Being unable to continue weekly lessons with Laura is one of the biggest regrets we have in making this decision. We will miss Laura dearly but also know that in these past 5 years she has cemented herself very firmly in our hearts and will always be an important and treasured part of our lives. 

Each week singing lessons have been an absolute joy. Laura is dynamic, humorous, caring and consistent – a weekly breath of fresh air. Lessons have given shape and musical purpose to both of our weeks, have opened our eyes to a whole new world of repertoire, language, story-telling, literature and musical style. Lessons have created a ‘safe haven’ for my daughter to explore and grow whilst simultaneously giving me the privilege of watching Laura’s influence bring out all the best qualities – musically and generally. Laura is sensitive and intuitive, she has always met my daughter where she is developmentally whilst consistently leading her toward her next milestone and helping her to strive forwards. From time to time, we each hope to be influenced by that really special teacher who cares deeply and passes on their knowledge in a meaningful way that changes lives- Laura has been that teacher for us and we will remain forever grateful.”

Georgina Adamson
Pianist and mother of Stephie
(Listen to Stephie)