Supporting My Ambitions in This Industry

Jan 4, 2022 | Testimonials

“I first met Laura upon a recommendation at the completion of my Diploma of Music Theatre course at the end of 2020. From our first interaction, Laura was incredibly professional and wise and I knew that my voice would benefit from her teaching. I came into my first lesson thinking I was an alto but boy was I wrong. Through just one year, my voice has travelled leaps and bounds, that I was never in my wildest dreams expecting. Each lesson I would come in with a new challenge or audition and Laura would always rise to the occasion, knowing exactly how to tackle it. Laura is an incredibly encouraging and beautiful person who has not only allowed my voice to grow but has nurtured my confidence and determination. I have been so busy all year auditioning and performing in musicals which has been my dream.

Laura’s plethora of knowledge and experience make her an amazing teacher, and her personability and understanding make her an even better one. Thank you so much Laura for all you have helped me with and supporting my ambitions in this industry.” 

Kate Sisley
Diploma of Music Theatre Graduate 2020